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Before starting, you need to download and run the latest XtremaLog program on the downloads page. Simply click on the latest XtremaLog Software program and select RUN. Follow the instruction in the install wizard. If you ever want to uninstall the program you may go to the "Add or Remove" programs icon in the Windows Control Panel.

Follow the instructions below carefully and in order and watch the videos for a quick demonstration:

  Installing Xtrema Software


How to Update your Xtrema

1. If you are using our new one piece USB data cable XTR-USB (or our now discontinued RS-232 data cable with our USB adapter USB-232) you will need to download and install the Xtrema USB Cable Drivers located on our Downloads page. Click on "Xtrema USB Cable Driver" link and click RUN to install the drivers. Connect the USB data cable to the Xtrema and your computer.

NOTE: Later, the Xtrema update software will search for all com ports and display all active ports. You must know which com port you have connected the data cable or later try each one until it works.

2. Now you may run the XtremaLog program by clicking on the XtremaLog icon in the Start menu. The first time you run this program you may see a warning from Microsoft. This is normal.

If this program fails to run or if your computer does not capture properly, your computer may need Microsoft's NET version 1.1 Framework installed. You can get it here

3. Click the checkbox of the COM Port that is connected to the Xtrema. Only COM Ports that are available can be checked.

4.Enter the update mode on the Xtrema by following these three easy steps:

First go to the Update tab of the XtremaLog program.

Second, With 9 to 12 V input power going to the Xtrema. From the MAIN menu TURN THE Xtrema OFF by tapping the joystick to the left.

Third, With the Xtrema display off, TURN THE Xtrema BACK ON on by pushing the joystick but this time holding the joystick to the LEFT and continue holding until the update actually begins.

The Xtrema will simply be waiting for a product update and display "Loading..." on the LCD display. To abort you must remove power.

NOTE: If your Xtrema is completely dead (due to an aborted or bad update) you must re-connect the Xtrema to a 12 Volt source while holding the joystick to the left and continue holding during the update (push joystick BEFORE Connecting power). If already powered up you must first remove power.You will see the Xtrema display show two solid bars going from left to right. This is normal for this type of update.

5. Click the 'Select Update File' button and select the file matching the release number you desire. The first time you run this program you will have to search for the folder containing all the files were unzipped to. (all releases are available in case you desire to go back to a previous release.)

6. Click the 'Update Xtrema' button to download the new software into your charger. A progress bar will appear under the button. You can let go of the joystick button when you see the progress bar moving. When the update is completed, a status message will appear indicating success or failure.

7. Within a few seconds after the progress bar reaches 100% the Xtrema will automatically restart, beep and you should see the updated version number in the splash screen. Your Xtrema is now updated. If your update fails check your connections or try a different com port and repeat steps 3 - 6

To be kept informed of Xtrema updates be sure to sign up for software update notification