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Jason's torque roll
(Yes, there is a plane in there!)

TINY 2.5g Servo

This micro servo is strong and light, great for very small indoor and very small park flyers! Similar to the 2.5g Blue Arrow servo. These little guys work all the way down to 3.0 volts (some even 2.6 volts) So you can run them off a single cell LIPO!

Comes complete with a 4-pack of servo arms, mounting screws and a very small JST style connector used in micro size receiver like the Plantraco Micro 9 900mhz servo receiver, Microbatics DSP-S3 and DSP-SB3, the JMP servo combo, Blue Arrow R3P4J-II, Spektrum AR-6300 and other micro receivers.

Size:  21mm*8.2mm*23mm             
Torque:  0.8kg                 
Current:  >400MA                
Speed:  0.1second/60               
Length of wire:  150mm                
Length of arm:27mm


Note: Most micro servos weight is specified without the wire weight. Actual weight with wire, connectors, and servo arm is 3.5g

IMPORTANT! Also note that red and black leads must be swapped to operate with Spektrum receiver. This is easily done with a hobby knife.


5 pack SAVE 70% $5.99 each Only $29.95