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Jason's torque roll
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SmartSmoker Simple Smoke PumpSmartSmoker Deluxe Kit

Our state of the art controller with our solid reliable pump. Allows you to adjust oil rate with your transmitter. Includes tubing, check valve, controller, T-valve and pump. Read here to see what is so special about our pump.

Elie Houayes (SNAP A SAURUS) 40% Edge

Listen below to hear the story behind our original ARS "Almost Ready to Smoke" smoke pumps!

OUT OF STOCK! Discontinued - Replaced by SmartSmoker PRO

SmartSmoker Specifications, manuals and information shown below:



Key Features

The SmartSmoker ™ is our top of the line most complete package. It features the ability to adjust the oil rate from the transmitter for optimum smoke. It also allows you to use your computer radio to mix the throttle channel into the smlk channel to vay the oil rate at lower throttle settings.

The kit includes our intelligent Flow Rate Controller with universal connectors, special RF suppressed Gear Pump, a generous 4 ft. length of heavy duty yellow see-thru smoke oil tubing, 4" of HI-TEMP Norprene tubing, a specially designed HIGH VOLUME check valve and a T fitting for twin engines, it also includes QUICK START instruction and download access to the "Secret Smoke Success tips" booklet and the full manual.

All you need to complete your installation is a smoke fluid tank, a smoke ready muffler, and a spare 4.8-6.0 Volt receiver style pack for power.


  • OPERATING VOLTAGE: 4.4 to 7.2 Volts
  • RX OPERATING CURRENT: 12 mA (typical)
  • WEIGHT: 3.6 oz.
  • PUMP DIMENSIONS: 2.25 in. H X 2.5 in W X 1.75 in D

Smoke Product Manuals

 Simple Smoke Pump PRO QUICK START

 Simple Smoke Pump QUICK START
(all models except pro)

 Simple Smoke Pump Manual 
(all current models)


 SmartSmoker Addendum Manual
(needed in addition to above manual)

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