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Jason's torque roll
(Yes, there is a plane in there!)

the XtremaxG

Balancing Lithium Charger / Wattmeter / Analyzer

Don't just take our word this American Made Industrial Quality Charger offers the best value for the money, read what people are saying about this incredible charger in our Testimonials tab below!

Now 3 money saving bundles offer complete kit: includes 1, 2 or 4 balancers, BIM and Data Cable with FREE Software! This American made powerehouse can charge balance up to 10s packs at up to 8 amps! The best charger just keeps getting better ...

The Xtrema balancing Lithium Charger / Wattmeter / Analyzer is the "no question " leader of the pack! It is the 1 'st 2nd 3'rd and X generation industrial quality lithium charger thanks to our free updates for life! The Xtrema has set new standards for safe, very simple operation while offering a virtual toolbox of capabilities that grows with your needs. Supports all Li-Ion, LiPo, LiFe, A123, LiMn Lithium Manganese batteries! Why Lithium only? We believe having a multi-chemistry charger support Lithium is simply not a good idea. All it takes is one wrong setting and you can have a potential fire hazard. Limiting the charge methodology to Lithium only brings some peace of mind.

So.... If you want Xtreme POWER, brain dead simple operation, Rugged Built Tough Reliability, designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA with a 3 year warranty and you want nothing but the best! This charger is for you! (Don't just take our word for it, click on the Testimonials tab below!)

Built tuff in a rugged anodized aluminum case it comes with a 3 year warranty with FREE updates for LIFE and is made and supported in the USA offering you unsurpassed value! Couple that with more power and features than most need, the Xtrema™ will stay the next generation charger for many years to come as future upgrades and features become available.

Perfect for park flyers to F3A/ F3P competition electric, helicopters, cars, and robots. The Xtrema is the complete power lab for your needs today and tomorrow!

And now our powerfulXtrema xG comes in three different Bundles to save you money! YOU $AVE $$BIG$$ You get the proven Xtrema Charger Wattmeter that includes your choice of a single dual or quad port balancer, and a the USB data cable for the lowest price ever! Chose the Xtrema xG Lite single port balancer for balance charging up to 6s, The Xtrema xG Standard with dual port balancer for balance charging up to 10s packs or parallel balancing up to two 6s packs, or the Xtrema xG Super bundle with a quad port balancer for parallel balancing up to four 6s packs simultaneously. (see our videos)

Do you use ThunderPower or other 2mm spaced balance connectors? The bundle above works only with normal 0.1" spaced connectors and needs an adapter for Thunderpower and other 2mm spaced batteries. To adapters are required to convert both balancer connectors available. Get your 2mm adapters here...


We still have lots of stock on BIM for your Xtrema charger!

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  • Charges 1- to 10-cell Li-Po packs at up to 8 amps (derates to 4 amps @ 10s)
  • Built-in wattmeter handles 6000 watts peak up to 100A
  • Safety cutoff during charge via included temp probe, balancer or time
  • Displays motor or battery temperature
  • Easy-to-use LCD menus on oversize display
  • Rugged aluminum case
  • Upgrade able firmware with free updates for lifetime online
  • Programmable max voltage
  • Expandable balancing system
  • Includes two 6s Balancers capable of independent and computer controlled operation
  • USB data cable and PC Data Logging and Power Analyzer Software

Additional Items

  • Why a Lithium only Charger?
    • The bottom line is that Lithium batteries can be dangerous. One improper charge can start a fire. Multi-chemistry chargers pose the risk of havng the wrong setting that can lead to a dangerous situation. Our commitment to designing in safety and making the best Lithium Charger is what sets us above the competition.

A virtual toolbox that grows with your needs.

Click on the image to enlarge


More than just a high powered programmable charger, the Xtrema is a useful wattmeter than can be used to solve cutoff and overheating problems out at the field. You won\\\\\\\'t believe how handy a tool this is. Not only that, but with the included expansion port, the Xtrema becomes much more!. With a FREE download of our powerful XtremaLog program, the Xtrema\\\\\\\'s usefulness expands to include charge and power analyzer features via an optional data cable and your computer. Here is a screen capture of the XtremaLog output displaying a graph of a 10s1p \\\\\\\"m1\\\\\\\" pack that was charged.


Have you ever tried to use a wattmeter to study a new motor/battery setup and realized you had to write down a bunch of changing numbers while you ran up your motor to see if your system was in spec?

Click on the image to enlarge

With the XtremaLog program used as a power analyzer, you can let your computer log the numbers and analyze your results later! The dual superimposed display lets you compare your performance to a previous run for more powerful analysis!

What's more exciting is that the same data cable can be used to download FREE FLASH updates from the Internet as new features get added. For example the XtremaLog feature is a FREE update. How is that for a good deal? The expansion port will not stop there. A future balancer will also plug into the expansion port as well as other future options.

The included Wattmeter is an indispensable tool for testing and troubleshooting your models' setup. It is critical to check each new setup to make sure there are no surprises. The temperature probe provides a safe and reliable method of shutting down the charger should one of your cells go bad. Plus it can be used to monitor ESC, Motor or battery temperature while using the wattmeter!


Big Display means much easier operation.

Remember when computer radios first came out? They were awesome but programming them required an open manual in one hand or a great memory to remember all those cryptic parameters. Today\\\\\\\'s computer radios are much easier to program. Why? Well as most have noticed the displays have gotten larger so the functions are written much clearer and the options are not buried under menu after menu. So what do we see with most chargers on the market?. The displays are small and navigating through menus is cumbersome.

The next generation charger, the Xtrema, eliminates this problem with a big over-sized display.It features an extra large 4 line x 20 character LCD that displays all important data simultaneously! Also features ultra-simple, easy-to-navigate, intuitive menus with simple UP DOWN RIGHT LEFT joystick navigation! Feels more like web browsing than operating a sophisticated charger.

So when we say the Xtrema is super easy to use, we don't mean easy like the other charger manufacturers like to hype! We mean REALl easy straight forward and logical. Lets just say intuitive. Instead of being scared you will burn up your expensive lithium cells you feel confident your settings are correct.



XtremaIncluded with the new Xtrema Charger model XTR-LWMXG are two Xtrema Lithium Balancers ( XTR-BAL) capable of stand alone and direct computer controlled operation along with theXtrema Balancer Interface Module (XTR-BIM) bringing fully integrated balancing to the Xtrema Lithium Charger in a way no one else does. This conbo supports balancing for up to 10s cells. However the optically isolated interface can be expanded to support two more balancers to provide up to 4 optically isolated balancing connections! This means you can simultaneously balance up to 4 series or 4 parallel balancer plugs connected to separate balancers but charged as one giant pack! The isolation makes connecting balancers WORRY FREE since there is no way to get dangerous shorts if the sequence or polarity is wrong. Yet another TME first! Bringing the most sophisticated and flexible integrated balancing system to high end Lithium chargers on the market.

Future Proof vs Planned Obsolescence

If you have been following electric powered RC equipment for awhile you know that change is inevitable. Everyone is tired of the cost of upgrading equipment. It seems that no sooner you make the commitment and purchase a hobby item, new technology soon makes it obsolete.

The next generation charger, the Xtrema, was the first charger to eliminate this problem with FREE lifetime updates and ample power and capacity for your needs now and in the future. When the Xtrema first came out it was designed for conventional Lithium-Ion, Lithium Polymer and Lithium Manganese technologies. At that time a new and emerging battery technology LiFe Lithium Nano-Phosphate (commonly known as the \\\\\\\"M1\\\\\\\" batteries from A123 Systems) was entering the market. Within weeks we had written and beta tested an update to accommodate the new voltages associated with these new cells. This made TME the first in the US to support the new Lithium nano-Phosphate M1 batteries from A123 Systems. All our customers instantly had access to the update via the web or by simply returning their unit for a free upgrade. Our competition was months behind and with no web support.

The cost of upgrading equipment is also dependent upon how durable the item is. That is why the Xtrema Charger / Wattmeter carries a 3 year warranty. We have over-specified key components to make this a hard working durable tool. And we have so much faith in our design and workmanship that we offer a 3 year warranty. You get a quality unit built using rugged Surface Mount technology to ISO 9001:2000 quality specifications and designed, manufactured, tested and supported right here in the USA.


Our Future Options include::

  • FREE lifetime software updates! Either send it back or update it yourself with the optional data cable.
  • and more features to be announced!

Check out the easy quick start instructions , or our full manual. The Adobe reader is needed to view these files.


Please note that our specifications are truthful when comparing them to cheep import chargers on the market. We specify continuous OUTPUT POWER instead of peak INPUT POWER. Thaalso t means we don't start at a higher power and fall back to a lower power when our circuitry gets hot. Also we meet the FULL specification on a standard 12 volts automotive battery and do not require you to have an expensive 17+ volt power supply or dual 12V batteries to acheive full specs! So please be digilent when comparing specifications.


Easy to use, powerful, safe and future proof! What else do you want?

  • #CELLS: Charges 1 to 10 Cell Lithium Batteries at up to 8 Amps
  • CHARGE RATE: from 50mA - 8000mA in 50 mA steps (4000mA max @ 10 cells)
  • Maximum External Discharge power capacity: up to 6000 peak watts @ 100 Amps (3000 watts @ 50 amps continuously) resolution 0.1 W
  • Balance Accuracy: +- 5 mV
  • Balancer Discharge Rate: FAST 0.420 Amps per cell peak discharge rate!
  • TEMP CUTOFF: 60°F - 130°F (104°F default) probe attaches easily with unique Velcro® strap! Programmable limits for extra safety!
  • SAFETY TIMER: 10 - 990 minutes (120 default)
  • MEMORIES: 4 Battery memory stores your favorite pack settings.
  • DATA ENTRY: NO need to calculate volts or amps, simply enter cell count and mah rating!
  • VOLTS PER CELL: programmable at 4.2V, 4.15V, 4.1V etc. to let you choose between maximum power charge or conservative charge to lengthen battery life! Special 3.6 volt per cell for m1 Hypersonic Lithium Ion cells from A123 Systems Unique Safe Storage Charge mode at 3.7volts/cell for Safe Long term LiPo storage!
  • INPUT CONNECTIONS : Super heavy duty Alligator Clips with 3 ft. cord.
    Case Size: 6.25 x 3.25 x 2.25 in. (159 x 83 x 57 mm.)
  • WEIGHT: 22 oz. (624 grams)
  • CHARGER OUTPUT CONNECTIONS: 14 Gauge Fine Strand Silicon Wire
  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 10.5 to 15 Volt input range STOPS CHARGING below 10.5 to protect Lead Acid Batteries!
  • FAN: On only when needed for longer life.

Specifications subject to improve without notice!


Our wattmeter has features not found anywhere else! Like simultaneous display of the standard current, volts and watts along with temperature and horsepower displays!. The large LCD allows us to do this and the temperature probe functions to monitor motor or battery temp while you are testing. Peaks are also being recorded and are displayed in a separate window.

Why do you need a wattmeter? On a new installation it is critical! It helps you determine if you are stressing or damaging your electric motor or battery with the prop / load you have placed on it. Can your battery actually hold up to the demands you place? Are you on the verge of burning out your motor? Do you have a short in your motor? Out of balance battery? Is your cutoff on your speed controller working properly? To summarize you need it to verify and optimize motor performance while measuring, testing, and matching your components. Solve your problems before it\\\\\\\'s too late!

  • DISPLAY: Large 4 x 20 LCD simultaneously displays:
  • VOLTS: - up to 60 Volts resolution .01V
  • AMPS: – up to 100 amps peak (50 amps continuous) resolution 0.01A
  • WATTS: – up to 6000 peak watts (3000 watts continuous) resolution 0.1 W
  • TEMPERATURE: up to 300 deg F connects to motor or battery while measuring watts!
  • HORSEPOWER: - up to 8.1 Hp peak (4 Hp continuous) resolution 0.01 HP
  • INPUT SUPPLY: 6.5V - 15V DC < 40ma
  • OUTPUT CONNECTIONS: 14 Gauge Fine Stranded Silicon Wire
  • ALTERNAT DISPLAY: records: Peak Amps, Voltage minimum (droop), Peak Temperature, Calculated Watts and Hp from min Voltage and Current Peak

Preliminary specifications: (download the data sheet )

Xtrema Charger / Wattmeter downloads:

Here you will find the complete manuals and software upgrades for our Xtrema charger products.

Instructions: Left click on the desired links below to view and print the documents .Right click the link and select \\\\\\\"Save Target As..\\\\\\\" to download to your computer.

Xtrema CHARGER Product Manuals

Xtrema Quick Start
(rev a all releases)

Xtrema Charger Full Manual 1.3.x New
(Use with latest release 1.3.x)

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Basics of Electrics FREE DOWNLOAD
( Everything you wanted to know about electrics but were afraid to ask!)

Older Manuals for earlier firmware versions:

Xtrema Charger Full Manual 1.2.x
(Use with release 1.2.x)

Xtrema Charger Full Manual 1.1.x
(Use with release 1.1.x)

Xtrema Charger Full Manual 1.0.0
(Use with firmware release 1.0.0)


new Instructions and Video on How to update your Xtrema

XtremaLog Software NEW version 1.2.1
 (complete Windows charge and power analyzer software with all releases includes latest Xtrema v 1.3.10 and Balancer firmware - updated 2/17/2008)
Need a data cable? Want to be notified of Firmware updates?

Xtrema Charger and Balancer Beta RELEASE

new Beta Firmware Update Xtrema Charger v1.3.11b and Balancer v 2.0.2b Beta Firmware

Data Cable DRIVER Updates


Xtrema USB Data Cable Driver All-in-one version

Xtrema USB Data Cable Driver oldest all-in-one version

Xtrema USB Vista Cable Driver

Xtrema USB XP Cable Driver

Windows Vista/7/Server2008 (32 & 64-bit) WDF WHQL Driver: v3.3.10.140
NOTE: For Windows 7, please use RC build 7100 or RTM 7600 Final version. (Installer program will not run on early Windows 7 or Beta versions)

"Of all the LiPo chargers I've
used so far, the Xtrema is my favorite, partly because it’s the easiest to use and has all the key parameters “right on top” where you can see and check them."
Peter Young-RC REPORT Magazine April 2007
Click here to read the full review (1.71 mb pdf file) courtesy of R/C REPORT Magazine

"The ability to easily update and expand the Xtrema's capabilities means that it may well be the last Lithium charger you will ever have to buy. And in the long run, that's a very good investment."
John-QUIET FLYER Magazine
April 2007
Clicke Here to read the full review (608 kmb pdf file) courtesy of Quiet Flyer Magazine

"The Xtrema performed flawlessly in the many tests
we subjected it to—we give it two thumbs up."
Tom Atwood - FLY RC Magazine
Dec 2006
Click Here to read the full review ( 2.7 mb pdf file) courtesy of FLY RC Magazine

“It simply works, and works well. I love it, strongly recommend it to anyone using lipo's”
Dave Patrick - DPM

“It's my most used and favorite charger” George Hicks – ETOC Winner

“I agree, this is one nice charger/wattmeter”
John Reid – Model Airplane News January 2007
Click here to read the full review ( 460K pdf file) courtesy of MAN Magazine

“Even more amazing is that this state-of-the-art charger is designed and manufactured in the US with support by an English-speaking American engineer (the designer).”
Red Scholefield – Model Aviation January 2007
Click Here to read the full review (2.7 mb pdf file) courtesy of Model Aviation Magazine

"The latest leap into the future is the Xtrema Lithium Charger/Wattmeter"

"I just ordered my third Xtrema on Monday .......... Thanks for an AWESOME charger, it is wonderful"
Troy L Bismarck, ND

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