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High Volume Check ValveHigh Volume Check Valve

 Get more for spares. Many uses. High volume capacity of this check valve prevents choking effect like smaller valves do at high rates of flow.

PRICE: $6.95

High volume means new applications

Our check valve is targeted to solve the limitations of other check valves when used in high volume smoke systems. It also works great to eliminate those end plugs in the fill line used in "three line" tank applications. Using a Flourosilicon diaphragm and a Type 66 H.S. Nylon housing the check valve is lightweight and compatible with smoke oils, petroleum products and methanol and nitro methane. The new check valve is made with an oversized diaphragm to supply in excess of 16+ oz. per minute without choking. More than enough to keep up with electric fuel pumps.

No more lost fill plugs

The high volume capacity and low forward resistance make this check valve perfect for replacing fuel tank plugs in filler applications. (Great for smoke tank applications) No more lost or fallen fill plugs when you simply fill your tank through the check valve. When you remove your supply hose the fill line automatically shuts off. While any check valve will do this, ball style check valves tend to leak. Other diaphragm check valves will restrict and slow the fill process down.

 A solution for smoke systems

Many GIANT SCALE modelers have discovered that when supplying the high volume of oil necessary for awesome smoke, some check valves choke up under the high pressure. The check valve actually starts to restrict the oil as you attempt to increase the flow. The solution has been to use two check valves side by side in order to share the load. This requires an extra "T" fitting in some cases. The new TME check valve can handle gallons per minute so you can simply use one check valve for even the largest smoke systems.

The TME check valve can operate between -20 degrees to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. It features sonic welding making it nearly impossible to come apart under normal conditions. It is sensitive to pressure differentials as low as 1/2 pound per square inch and is ideal for systems working between 3 and 15 pounds per square inch. The TME check valve boasts ultra low leak rates and supports 1/8 ID tubing.

High volume means new applications


  • DIAPHRAM: Flourosilicon Type 66 H.S.
  • HOUSING: Sonicaly welded Nylon
  • FLOW CAPACITY: 16+ oz. per minute
  • OPERATING TEMP: -20 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • SENSITIVITY: 1/2 pound per square inch
  • WORKING PRESSURE: 3 to 15 pounds per square inch.
  • TUBING SUPPORTED: 1/8 ID tubing.