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Elie Houayes (SNAP A SAURUS) 40% EdgeSmoke System Products

Our Smoke System Product Family:

 When nothing but the best matters!

For years TME has been the leader in Smoke Systems. Used by top TOC and Masters pilots that reads like a "who's who" of aerobatic champions. We actually created the first integrated pump pre wired with an electronics controller making the first ARS "Almost Ready to Smoke" system on the market. We have done it again by making the best and most popular smoke system even better. The SmartSmoker PRO ™ is based on its predecessor, “The Simple Smoke Pump II" which is an easy to install smoke system that doesn't’t require pressure tapping or complex plumbing, valves and servos. For the SmartSmoker PRO™, TME has designed an intelligent Flow Rate Controller. Now you can fine tune the oil rate of your smoke system for optimum performance from the transmitter! Plus, the advanced microprocessor controller also features "Smart Prime ™" technology that provides the power to make the initial prime effortless. Users can switch the power source for the pump allowing you to draw power from servo connector when power distribution systems are used. It also has an LED to help with quick setup. And the SmartSmoker PRO™ is now smoother than ever.

While all the other guys have copied our lead, they simply don't have the reliability and support that TME can offer. That's why when the stakes are high and winning is pulling off a repeatable air show, top pilots rely on our pumps. Pilots like Quique SomenziniChip Hyde, Mark Leseburg, Andrew Jesky, Peter Goldsmith, Mike SmartSmoker Simple Smoke PumpMcConville, George Hicks, Kurt Koelling, Ivan Kristensen, Jason Shulman, John Glezellis, Ransom Fairchild, Dave Patrick, and Steve Striker have used our pumps, just to name just a few. Check out our videos to see what these top competitors can do with our pump.

These competitors know that when the stakes are high, and there is a cash prize of $40,000 dollars or more on the line, you need a smoke system you can trust to help you win. A smoke system that will let you spend more time practicing and honing your flying skills, than worrying about your smoke system. You want something that will impress the judges and the crowds.

Because we are sure that you will eventually buy our reliable systems we are now giving away our closely guarded smoke secrets. For many years the "Secret Smoke Success Tips" booklet was included with each purchase of a smoke pump from us. We are now giving away our booklet as a FREE download. Simply click on the left for a FREE download and learn the secrets of the pro's.

Adjust for optimum smoke from the ground

The new pump controller in the SmartSmoker ™ eliminates the restrictive pinch valve, saving precious battery power and adding the convenience of fine tuning the oil rate from the transmitter. The special Flow Rate Controller is not just a standard motor speed controller. This design provides a full adjustment of the flow rate by setting the transmitters end point adjustment. (Sometimes known as ATV or EPA)

Smart Prime™ Technology provides the power to self prime.

The Smart Prime ™ technology is a TME first and works like this: The first time the SmartSmoker ™ is powered up, the controller defaults to its Smart Prime ™ mode. In this mode the first time the pump is activated via the transmitter, it turns on like a switch running the pump at full speed. This assures you have the power to pull up the oil and initialize the prime. As soon as the oil flows through the pump, simply shut off the pump at the transmitter. Now the next time you turn on the pump, it runs at the pre-programmed flow rate defined by the transmitter’s end point adjustment. Smart Prime ™ technology is a simple but effective way of assuring prime.

It’s an ARS™ (Almost Ready to Smoke) System

Just like TME’s other models all you need with the smoke system is an airplane with a smoke ready muffler, a smoke oil tank to fit your plane, a spare battery pack, and you are ready to put on an air show. The SmartSmoker ™ pump includes a replaceable RF suppressed fluid pump (SSP-IIB), the special Flow Rate Controller, universal connectors designed to fit Futaba , JR and Airtronics radios, 4 ft. of clear yellow smoke oil tubing a high volume check valve and neoprene tubing. The SmartSmoker ™ pump comes with a QUICK START guide and download access to a 24 page “Secret Smoke Success” tips booklet and an easy to follow 12 page installations manual to assure a trouble free experience.

Simple to install!

All our Simple Smoke Pump models plug right into a spare channel in your receiver. Connect it between your smoke tank and muffler, add a battery, and there you have it, absolutely the Simplest Smoke System ever!

Using the KISS Keep It Simple Smoke principle means: ABSOLUTELY NO complicated plumbing, on/off valves, servos, push rods, soldering, wiring, pressurized tanks, or crankcase tapping to mess with. Literally install or remove in minutes!


Not only is it the simplest smoke system, it's simply the best ! The super high volume electric pump can actually exceed the demands of the largest smoke guzzling gasoline engines! That is why they are used by top TOC and Masters competitors in the world. So good, that they are used by the US government for target UAV. They have also been used by full scale Ultra-light pilots! This high rate reserve means no more hoping you have enough crankcase pressure to produce adequate smoke


Not only do our "Secret Smoke Success Tips save you time by eliminating all the experimentation, but our pumps are "Almost Ready to Smoke" ARS! We've done all the hard work for you. All the wiring and motor noise suppression is done. All you have to do is find the room in your model, plug the tubing and connectors in, and go have fun!. It literally installs in minutes! We were the first to offer this pre-wired approach and by far we are the best.

Won't VOID your engine warranty!

Other smoke systems work by stealing energy from the engine crankcase to move the oil. While we admit these systems are energy efficient, they require you to drill and tap your engine crankcase, voiding your engine warranty and possibly compromising the operation of your engine. And it might surprise you that when using a 250 mah battery pack our components are actually lighter than the required diaphragm pump, servo, shutoff valve and extra tubing.


Guaranteed Success!

TME is famous for having provided the first complete book on optimizing smoke for model airplanes called our Secret Smoke Success Tips booklet. No other smoke system includes these time proven techniques to increase the volume of smoke. Before we came along, setting up a smoke system required lots of experimenting and guesswork. Modelers would buy smoke "components" and possibly with the help of a friend or a magazine article would get their plane to smoke. TME has taken all the guesswork out of making smoke so that you can have more time just having fun.

Our Smoke success guarantee..

We make quality products simply to enhance the enjoyment of this fine hobby. Our commitment to you is to do everything we can to make sure our products deliver the best performance and enjoyment as promised. Our many years of experience put us far ahead of the competition. In those years we have learned a thing or two about smoke. We offer a support section on our web site, one on one email support, and a support forum on our web site. So you can buy our smoke products with confidence.