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ChargeMinder Trickle AdapterChargeMinder Trickle Adapter

The ChargeMinder is similar to our original (ATA) Auto-Trickle Adapter, but its timer is adjustable making it better suited for cordless tools and rechargeable items that have 3 to16 hour chargers. It can be easily programmed to limit charge time and apply the appropriate trickle reduction for the charger selected.Simple device works with both NiCd and NiMh battery chargers.


Key Features:

  • Keeps up to 30 RX and 30 TX batteries topped off!
  • Times your charger not to exceed selectable 3,5,7,9.12 or 16 hours
  • Automatically reduces the charge rate to trickle with gentle pulses after charge
  • Easy push to start operation
  • Works with almost all AC chargers

NOTE: The ChargeMinder must be set to match the time limit for your charger.n After this time limit it will reduce the charge rate by pulsing the AC gong to your charger so that its average output is at a SAFE trickle rate

In Depth

The new CHARGEminder is a clever device that makes all kinds of dumb battery chargers smart! Aimed at ending the hassle of keeping your batteries charged when you need them vs. the fear of overcharging. The CHARGEminder simply plugs in between your charger and the wall outlet providing a timed charge and automatic trickle conversion. Taking from the proven technology of its predecessor, the Auto-Trickle Adapter, the new CHARGEminder has all of the same great qualities along with several new enhancements to make it compatible with a wide variety of chargers. Not only will it manage 16 hour chargers like the Auto-Trickle Adapter, but it can be programmed from 3 to 16 hours for all types of wall chargers. Cell phones, cordless tools, radios, TV's, toys and gadgets that have simple plug in the wall chargers can now be left on indefinitely. What's more, the gentle pulse trickle action actually helps eliminate memory before it forms. The CHARGEminder, keeping batteries charged and ready to go.

Operation is Simple

All you have to do is plug the adapter into the wall and plug your charger(s) into it. Then at the push of a button, you can command a timed charge or a trickle charge for your batteries. Selectable times program the CHARGEminder to handle most chargers. Compatible chargers include those designed to take between 3 to 16 hours to fully charge. Plug them in, push a button and forget about batteries and chargers. The CHARGEminder takes care of bringing them up to full charge and automatically converts your charger to a pulse trickle charger. Batteries can be left on indefinitely. All this without the expense of modifying or replacing existing chargers.

Not only safe but good for your batteries

In trickle charging batteries with the Auto-Trickle Adapter (predecessor to the CHARGEminder) for over six years, TME has NOT observed batteries developing a memory at ALL. Nor have they observed short failures due to long term charging.

This is perhaps because a pulse charge method has been shown to be better for your batteries than a steady current trickle charge. Cadmium migration, a chemical phenomena that leads to failure involving shorts, is directly dependent on the cumulative time the current is flowing in the battery rather than the magnitude of the current. (This is substantiated by lab testing). Since TME is pulse charging, cumulative charge time is greatly reduced thereby increasing the usable life of the cell while on trickle.

New case, new functionality, and new technology too..

More than just a simple timer, the CHARGEminder provides a full charge timer that automatically goes to a pulse trickle adapter under full microprocessor control. Users can switch back and forth between charge and trickle at the push of a button. The new model features a plug in the wall case, a flat panel touch switch, and indicator lights. Stylish and attractive, the CHARGEminder has a 3 prong grounded and fused outlet. This allows you to easily plug in a grounded power strip. The 120 watts of power still allow you to control dozens of chargers from a single ChargeMinder. (Power strip needed for multiple chargers, not included)

If your needs are for overnight (16 to 24 hour chargers only) then our original Auto-Trickle Adapter is a more economical solution for your battery management needs.


  • INPUT POWER: 120 VAC, 60Hz,
  • OUTPUT POWER:1 grounded receptacle @120VAC 120 WATTS MAXIMUM, 1 A. FUSED
  • CHARGE TIMER:Programmable 3,5,7,9,12 or 16 hours.
  • CHARGER REQUIREMENTS: any 3 to 24 hour or C/2 to C/10
  • TRICKLE RATE: 120 VAC pulsed to simulate C/40
  • DIMENSIONS: 2.12W X 4.0W X 2.5D not including plug

Technical Note:

Cadmium migration is the molecular migration of metallic cadmium from the negative to the positive battery plate that can lead to the ultimate failure of the cell. Cadmium deposited in the separator bridges the plates and causes soft shorts contributing significantly to self discharge or shunting charge current so that the battery does not become fully charged in the normal time.

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